Garage Genie – Parking & Remote Control


Automatic parking guide system .

This Project contains several parts such as Arduino, Ethernet shield, relays, ultrasonic sensor, garage door remote, color leds and web cam.

And this project use three piece of software Arduino(MQTT), Mosquitto, OpenHAB for operating this system.

This is a good project to follow and study.


The Garage Genie is a car automation Arduino gadget. Click on the two images above to see the animated explanation. It aims to do a few things:

  1. The “traffic lights” tells you when you’ve inched your car up close enough when parking. The lights are control by an Arduino using an ultrasonic distance sensor.
  2. The ultrasonic distance sensor tells the system whether a car is parked in the stall or not. Using iPhone or Android app, you can check whether or not someone’s car is in the garage.
  3. Non-invasive remote open/close operation of the garage door via smart phone app. I’m using a spare garage door remote so that you don’t need to cut into existing wiring.
  4. Webcam view of garage if you have a webcam in the garage.
  5. Notification when car arrives, either via email or audible announcement

The Garage Genie is part of my series of Instructables for Arduino devices based on an awesome, open source home automation platform called OpenHAB.
parts list.

  1. Ultrasonic distance sensor
  2. Arduino Uno clone
  3. Arduino prototype shield
  4. Arduino ethernet shield
  5. Relay module
  6. Color LEDs
  7. Dupont cables
  8. 5V AC adapter (like from a smart phone / USB charger)


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