Arduino Tutorials – Chapter 16/30 – Ethernet/Twitter


by John Boxall

The author wrote the book  “Arduino Workshop – A Hands-On Introduction with 65 Projects

This is online book total 60 chapters of our huge Arduino tutorial series.

Here, we introudces two chapters of them. One is 16th and another is 30th chapter. Two chapters quides to how to use Arduino Ethernet shield with example for webserver and twitter.

In this tutorial, the EtherTen is used as Ehternet-eanbled Arduino compatible board and Learn how to connect your Arduino to the outside world via Ethernet.

It is shown the example of webserver application how to  be monitoring the sensed data from temperature & humidity sensor DHT22 in outside world via any web-browser.

arduino-ethernet-freetronics-etherten-dht22-humid - MC

In this tutorial, Learn how to send messages from an Ethernet-enabled Arduino to twitter.

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Arduino tutorial series

Chapter 16 : Ethernet

Chapter 30 : Twitter






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