XMEGA Web Server Board – Elektor Journal October Edition


On October 2013, Elektor Journal introduced XMEGA Web Server Board their network module is WIZnet’s WIZ820io.

This article was published in 6 languages in the Europe Area having some marketing effect about WIZnet’s product.

And, this project introduction article occupied even 11 pages among whole 82 page of this journal.

The below main title picture shows this module and some basic information about this projects.



You can see the WIZ820io module more detail in some other pages like below.



Many WIZnet products are referenced in this journal like below.

(1) Space does not permit a full description of the module here, but documentation can be obtained from the Korean manufacturer WIZnet [15].

Drivers are available in C for a wide range of microcontrollers, providing an interface to application code (a web server, for example)

==> [15] www.wiznet.co.kr/WIZ820IO

(2) The existing ElektorBus library, a small display library from KöpLe and the WIZnet driver all had a role in fostering the development of the ‘Embedded Firmware Library’

(3)  Socket for WIZ820io module, available from Elektor (# 130076-91)

Please see the WIZnet’s part WIZ820io inside below schematic.
The below some lines are related with Interfaces from this journal.


The tried-and-tested UART interface is still the most popular for board-to-board communication.
The programming required is simple thanks to the hardware UARTs built into the microcontroller.
Furthermore, there are many converters available, for example to RS-485 and USB. Our microcontroller contains six UART modules, of which three are used directly on the board.
Signals PC2 and PC3 from one of the UARTs are taken to an RS-485 driver device, with the RS-485 A and B lines brought out on a terminal block.

If you want to read the whole content, please go to below article URL.

Article URL: http://www.elektor.com/products/kits-modules/modules-%28-91%29/120126-91-xmega-web-server-board.2562752.lynkx

If you want to get some more project information about this project and this module, please go to the below links.

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