Ethernet BoosterPack




BoosterPack plug-in modules can really help your LaunchPad-based projects soar. These innovative tools plug in to the header pins on the LaunchPad and allow to you to explore different applications that your favorite TI MCU can enable. There is a broad range of application-specific BoosterPacks available from both Texas Instruments and third parties, including capacitive touch, wireless sensing, LED lighting control and much, much more. BoosterPacks are available in 20- and 40-pin variants and multiple BoosterPacks can plug into a single LaunchPad to greatly enhance the functionality of your design.


Ethernet BoosterPack

Developed by MSP430 community) and here are some specs so far:

  1. WIZnet’s W5200 Ethernet controller chip (W5100 or W5300 is an option.)
  2. MagJack
  3. LDO + power header
  4. Opto isolators (2 or more) + output header
  5. Input/output header for switches/keypad/display
  6. DIP or SMD MSP430G



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