Cost effective arduino compatible ethernet enabled gateway



Using the an atmega1284p, and wiznet 5200 based ethernet modules, the max1284 represents a cost effective arduino compatible ethernet enabled gateway. With 128k of flash, and 16k of ram restrictions imposed by previous solutions based around the atmega328 are removed.

More pictures, and full specifications after the break.


atmega1284p processor (128k flash, 16k sram)
3.3v operation throughout
12MHz (ensures the 1284 is operating within ATMEL Specifications)
wiz820io wiznet 5200 module (ethernet offload chip saving program memory)
ICSP – In circuit programming port
2 x XBEE sockets for XBEE, XRF and other compatible modules
RFM12B footprint (RFM12B module support for low cost RF sensors)
uSD Socket
micro USB Socket for power connection
FTDI compatible serial connection for code upload
Optiboot Bootloader
Battery backed RTC
Extended arduino compatible shield headers
New arduino compatible software libraries (arduino IDE 1.0.1 onwards)


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