Temperature Monitoring System using Xively Server & WizFi250-EVB



In this tutorial we’re going to make temperature monitoring system using Xively server and WizFi250-EVB

Step 1: H/W

  1. Low voltage operation(2.7V to 5.5V)
  2. Calibrated directly in ℃
  3. 10mv/℃ scale factor
  4. ±0.5℃ linearity
  • Pin Description


  • Picture of Hardware




Step 2: Create Xively ID and Add Device

For using xively cloud server, you have to create xively ID and add device as below.



Step 3: Create Xively Channel and Check your FeedID & APIKey

After Step2, If you click device, You can add Channel ID which is monitoring value from temperature sensor.

I want to check temperature data. So I added ChannelID to “TempC”.

And then you have to memory your FeedID, API Key, and ChannelID because packet which WizFi250&Arduino send needs this information.




Step 4: WizFi250 Arduino Library Download

You can download WizFi250 Arduino Library in GitHub. If you did download complete, you can see Xively Client Example.

You have to use this example.


Step 5: Source Code and Demonstration

This picture is my demonstration board. Component of demonstration board are Arduino Uno, WizFi250-EVB and TMP36.

And TMP36 is connected to 5V, GND, A0 port in WizFi250-EVB



You can download this example on this link.



Step 6: Video



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