WizFi250 Shield(Seeed) in Ubidots


In this tutorial we’ll explain how to send a value to Ubidots with the WizFi shield.

WizFi Shield (Fi250)is an economic internet solution for the Arduino. The Wi-Fi module supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n mode, with speeds up to 65Mbit/s.




Install the Library

  1. Download the library as a ZIP file
  2. Open the Arduino IDE and go to “Sketch” –> “Import Library” –> “Add Library”.
  3. Select the downloaded ZIP file


Preparing your Ubidots Account

Create a Data source called “WizNet” and then a variable called “My Variable”:

1. As a logged in user navigate to the “Sources” tab.


2. Create a data source called “WizNet” by clicking on the orange button located in the upper right corner of the screen:


3. Click on the created Data Source and then on “Add New Variable”:


4. Take note of the variable’s ID to which you want to send data. We’ll need it later to include in our code:



5. Create a token under “My Profile” tab. We’ll need it later for our code:



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