Classrooms Access Control over Near Field Communication


Project Description


I introduced a project about IOT using Wiznet Ethernet Shield and NFC(Near Field Commuication).

In this post, this project presents a way in which each classroom control is accessed through Near Field Communication (NFC) and the information is shared via radio frequency.

These data are published on the Web and could easily be used for building applications from the data collected. As a result, our application collects information from the classroom to create a control classroom tool that displays access to and the status of all the classrooms graphically and also connects this data with social networks.


This picture presents overall system of this project.

Left device can get teacher information vi NFC Card and then It can send this data to other device. When other device receive teacher information, data is published on the cloud service using arduino ethernet shield(W5100).

Xively is cloud service in this example. Xively send teacher information to twitter using zapier service when xively received data from arduino ethernet shield.

As a result, Through this project, User can confirm whether teacher is in class room or not using their smart phone.


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For more information about this project, refer to this link.

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