Notifying Doorbell with PushingBox

This project uses an Arduino and an optional IP camera to build a doorbell that sends you a Push notification on your phone and an email with a picture of the person at the door.
By Clement Storck
Hardware Components
A Doorbell
X 1
A web camera (optional)
X 1
Software Apps and online services

Nowadays, We can see a variety of applications that combine IOT with Cloud service.

WT5 Doorbell PushingBox

We also introduce one of IOT-Cloud sevices that the door-bell notifies to you by  e-mail when visitor press your door-bell. These service provides a convenient when you are not in you home.

IOT consists of 11-steps tutorial, demo-movie, and source codes.

A Cloud sevice is provided by the PushingBox.

PushingBox is free software  that can send notifications based on API calls.
From one request, you can send several notifications like a Push, a Tweet, an Email… All this in real time.

For more detail, refer to


This posted on the Makezine with 11-step tutorial, Demo-movie and source codes. If you interest in these product, visit on makine website.


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