vinyl house control systems


It seems to control the temperature,Humidity, Fan, Pump and Buind using Ethernet module(Wiz812mj) in the webpage.

In case of temperature &Humidity, it use the real time monitoring system.

The temperature &Humidity scan through a sensor and H/W status confr that It’s shown in the LCD .

It seems to develop blind, fan, water supply using DC motor,Fan, Pump.

wiz812mj and arduino Mega2560

wiz812mj and arduino Mega2560



  • Arduino Mega 2560 : Link
  • WIZnet  Network module(Wiz812mj) : Link
  • LCD(HD44780U ) : Link
  • DC motor,Fan,Pump,temperature &Humidity

Please refer to the attached file  => Source code & Demo Video

search word : Search Link


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