AndyMark Sasquatch Robot Controller (am-2527)


The Sasquatch Robot Controller is an Arduino Mega variant made by 221 Robotic Systems. This board utilizes the RobotOpen Protocol to stream line information from a computer to the robot and is compatible with existing Arduino Libraries. This is an excellent robot controller, utilizing wi-fi based operation for mobile robots. Users can access any newly expanded I/O using the included libraries.
This board comes bundled with RobotOpen Arduino Library and Driver Station App. These software packages allow you to control the Sasquatch board via USB joysticks and gamepads and establish robust two-way communication. The library includes many examples for common tasks and drive code for tank, mecanum and crab drive bases.
A newly updated Driver Station app is web-based and features graphs, charts and data-logging along with graphical mapping of input devices.
This board is based on is based on the Wiznet W5100 Ethernet chip.


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